Jeff & Joslin « Milwaukee Engagements

As soon as Jeff & Joslin said they wanted to meet at the Milwaukee Art Museum for their engagement photos we were stoked! We love shooting in nontraditional and more off the cuff locations so this was right up our alley. Stephen and I had never been out to Milwaukee together before so it was a really fun little trip for us as well. Jeff & Joslin love Milwaukee and now we understand why. It’s basically a mini Chicago without all the traffic and noise. It’s even on Lake Michigan and has some amazing water views just like the city. When we arrived at the Museum we were excited to be greeted by tons of white architectural elements. The more years that we have photographed the more we realize that setting is everything. You can have everything going for you but if the location is a mess or just doesn’t jive with your look it can really take away from the overall result. We had a lot of fun working with the location for this session and couldn’t be happier with the results. We are so excited for Jeff & Joslin’s big day only a month away!


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